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Got Balls?

Authentic Sicilian recipes  x  Crafted with love


Arancini House serves finely crafted Sicilian street food in the heart of Mount Lebanon


We are a fast-casual Sicilian eatery combining fresh and authentic meals with friendly service, designed to have you leaving happy and hungry for more.

We serve arancinipanelle sandwiches, pepperoni rolls, cannoli, pizza, pastries, and much more. 

Our mission is to educate and feed the world with the wonders of Sicilian street food.

Our culinary creations are not only tantalizing and tasty, but also meant to be eaten with your hands.

After all, you're busy making the world go round. The least we could do is make you some amazing eats.


615 Washington Road


(Below Street level)

Pittsburgh, PA 15228



Tue, WED, SAT 10am - 5pm

THURS & fri 10am-9pm 


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